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The one confusing thing about my business people don’t get

When I meet new people and talk about my business, there’s often this confused look people give when I mention the marketing VA option. 

They pause, usually with hot tea or coffee midway to their mouth, and put their head slightly to one side, a frown at their forehead, as they consider this. 

Then there’s a look that crosses their face – they want to ask what this service is, but are suddenly worried they should already know so are paralysed with indecision momentarily. So, we sit in this silence for a few moments before they eventually get the courage to ask what a marketing VA actually is. 

And, here’s what I tell them. 

It’s kind of like a standard VA but only for the marketing aspects of your business.

And that’s usually the point where I get the – “I’ve never heard of that before.” 

Which, is true because it’s a term I kind of made-up a couple of years ago when I was starting my business. 

Back then there were a few VA’s and there were marketing consultants and agencies, but there wasn’t anyone who bridged the gap between these two vastly different ends of the spectrum.

And, that’s where I decided to focus my attention – on the space between. 

Because, let’s face it, most small, one-man-band companies can’t afford, and definitely don’t need massive marketing agencies to come in and build them huge campaigns. 

What they do need is someone with marketing skills, background and understanding (that’s me) to come in and take all their day-to-day marketing activities off their hands so they can focus on more strategic, and operational demands. 

And that’s what a marketing VA is all about – there to deliver value to your business in terms of time saving, energy saving and delivering that all-important consistency. 

Because, when you’re small and starting out, one of the hardest things to do is stay consistent in your marketing efforts, especially when there’s so many other demands, all seemingly way more important – things like content for socials, blogs and email marketing can be just one of those things that seems unimportant. 

Trust me I’ve been there and I do marketing for a living! 

But, what kind of things does a marketing VA do?

Well, if you hire a standard VA, they’ll help you with all sorts of things, which could range from managing your email inbox, taking notes in meetings, researching information for you, getting in touch with people and even arranging meetings. 

The term VA comes from the traditional business PA – where a person would be the general assistant to someone with a lot of demands on their time. In the traditional world a PA would work in a company of some size and be on demand for anything the (usually) company director would need. 

In the modern world this has now morphed into VAs, where the work a PA does is often done remotely, hence a Virtual Assistant. The beauty of a VA is they can be anywhere in the world and still help you. Plus, they are usually available at a very reasonable price.

The difference with both of these roles to the marketing VA is that a marketing VA won’t deal with your email inbox, or take meeting notes, instead they’ll focus purely on your marketing tasks. 

Essentially, taking any cumbersome marketing activity off your hands and getting it done for you at a reasonable hourly rate. This could be anything from: 

  • Social media scheduling
  • Email marketing setup and sending
  • Content creation
  • Market research
  • Website management
  • And much more…

However, the caveat with this service is that it’s purely for small businesses who don’t need or want a big strategic marketing plan, but instead just want some help to claim back time to focus on other areas of their business. 

For the strategic and outsourced marketing management, I now have a different service, as this takes much more time, skill and creative thinking to achieve results.

As the idea of working flexibly becomes more and more normal in our working lives and we no longer have to apologise for wanting to spend time with our families and work too, the availability and abundance of people to help you in your business virtually will only increase. 

So, whether you want a standard VA to help with your admin or you need a marketing VA to help with your marketing workload or you just want someone to come in and help establish some consistency, you can be sure that we absolutely live in the best time to start, build and run a business virtually. 

Let’s all build amazing businesses together!

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