Your marketing support options, but first…

The one reason your marketing isn’t working…

Just imagine your business marketing working exactly how you want it to… 

Knowing everything you do is going to make a difference…

Well, when I tell you the exact reason your marketing isn’t working – you’re going to kick yourself!

You see, the thing is…

I hear so many businesses say they struggle to get their marketing working and despair at their lack of progress, fear of getting it wrong and even fear of putting themselves out there.

In today’s hyper-competitive world it can be difficult for businesses to stand out from the crowd, so they try to do all-the-things to get their marketing working, but all they do is run themselves silly trying to do too much…

Or, they get overwhelmed and simply do nothing at all – then wonder what the point is. 

Because, they went into business to do the thing they’re actually good at…

…not to spend all day navigating the crazy world of marketing.

So they muddle through trying to do everything, but failing badly, because they don’t have that one thing that will make the difference. 

And honestly, I understand. 

There’s so much noise out there…

…with people telling you to stand on your head and turn around three times to get the blueprint to success in your business marketing. 

Even after all my years of experience and knowledge I sometimes still fall for these tactics too and get sucked into something that promises the moon. 

Well, just imagine…

…knowing that all your marketing efforts are going to yield results and give you that ultimate focus to grow. 
Knowing that your time isn’t wasted and is in fact streamlined for success so you can actually get on with what you’re good at – you know, that thing you went into business to do in the first place…

All the while your marketing…

Works consistently…

Follows a pre-set path to success…

Offers customers cool info and great ways to engage without shoving your products and services at them… 

…so, when they do buy, they think of you first. 

Sounds fabulous doesn’t it?

Put a marketing plan in place and you’ll set yourself up for success…


Because it’s the only way that will actually work.


It’s no good just shoving a few things on a page…

and burying it in a drawer, you’ve got to properly research, strategise and implement it. 

And, it’s the one thing that forms the basis of all my marketing services and is the ‘P’ in my unique PEONY success system I get all my clients using for ultimate easy win success. 

Because, if my clients can walk away happy with a fantastic solution to their marketing issues, I know I’ve helped another business get the voice they deserve.

No business should be silenced, it just takes knowing how and where to use that voice to its best advantage. 

Your Peony Creative Support Options

I’ve got some fantastic options, designed for maximum benefit for all budgets, but more on that in a minute…

I first want to talk to you about the one thing I hear from clients when faced with an opportunity like this…

I hear a lot of people say: 
> “I wish I could afford to outsource my marketing…” 
> “I am scared to put myself out there in the world…” 
> “I’ve hit a plateau and don’t know how to scale further…” 
> “I am scared of getting it wrong…” 
> “I’m worried I’ll waste my money…” 

And, honestly, I can understand the reservations.

It’s hard to put your faith and trust in something when you don’t know what the results will be.

And this is exactly why I’ve put three service level options out there for all business budgets and levels of worry, but more on those in a minute…

First, let’s take these in turn…

“I wish I could afford to outsource my marketing…” 

Being able to afford to outsource marketing can be a huge problem, in fact being able to afford to outsource any kind of business service can be a big issue and one that takes a lot of overcoming fear to achieve – I’ve been there myself. I needed to outsource my accounts to an accountant waaayyy before I did but I was so scared to actually do it and worried whether I could afford it, so I hung on longer than I should. But when I actually took the plunge I discovered that it was the best thing I’ve ever done and now I wouldn’t be without my accountant having my back. 

But, when money is an issue, my Nurture level option is the base level service and gives you the basics of everything you need so you can go and implement yourself. But, if this level is too much right now, you can still jump into my world totally free by getting your name on my email list for all my best marketing tips and ideas, or jump onto my free courses (coming soon) for maximum benefit. 

“I am scared to put myself out there in the world…” 

This can be a big problem for the introverts among us, particularly if you’re in a business that is best placed for a personal brand growth plan. 

I’m a huge introvert myself and hate being around too many people for too long – it’s exhausting.

 But when it comes to marketing it can serve you best if you separate yourself as a person from yourself as the business. 

That way, you look at yourself as another person and can more easily build a marketing plan. 

But, if that is still too much, there’s still things you can do to market your business, just because personal branding is everywhere and video is everywhere doesn’t mean you have to do it – you simply build your marketing around what you are good at – which is presumably what your business offers. 

Just because others are doing it one way does not mean you have to and I always help clients find a way to market their business that doesn’t involve them if they really don’t want their face to be the brand.

Just look at Banksy… 

No one knows who he is but he’s arguably one of the most successful modern artists around today. 

It’s still possible to make marketing work for you.

“I’ve hit a plateau and don’t know how to scale further…” 

In situations like this it’s often a case of going back to the plans you have and looking at what’s working, then doubling down on that. 

Data is your friend here and is the way you’ll determine what direction to go in.

With all three of my service levels I can help you navigate this situation and form a plan to move forward past your plateau and grow further. 

“I am scared of getting it wrong…” 

One of the best things about marketing is that you’ll probably get it wrong. 

Go with me here because there’s a good reason I’ve said this…

Getting it wrong in marketing is never a bad thing – marketing is an experimentation and with any experiment you will get it wrong, but what that wrong thing does is give you vital information so you can laser focus on what’s right.

If you only ever do the safest option, you will never tap into that golden fountain that is the one thing you might need to send your marketing efforts into overdrive.

Getting it wrong is the way to find the pathway to success – and no it doesn’t have to cost a million pounds to achieve…

“I’m worried that I’ll waste my money…”

This is a genuine concern for many and I can understand why…

When you’ve finally got the budget and courage to outsource you don’t want to waste it on the wrong thing or the wrong person. 

I get it…

But, it’s about making sure what that person is offering is exactly what you’re looking for and they are the right person to help you. 

That’s why I always have an online meeting before making any decisions on who to work with, I also research their company and industry to see if I’m the best person for them.

Because ultimately, if I’m not it will be a waste – not everyone is the right business to work with me and I’m not right for everyone. 

But, I am always as open and honest as possible so you can see if you think we’ll work well together, if not that’s fine, I might know another company I can recommend to help you. 

Ultimately, if you succeed so do I, which is why I’m careful to only take on businesses I can truly help. 

real people with real results

Having gone through all that, let’s talk about who my services are for. I work with people who…

  • Want to build a strong foundation 
  • Want to grow their organic presence 
  • Are brand focused 
  • Want organic to be the foundation they hang everything else off
  • Are aligned with the vision of what’s achievable 
  • Are clear about the length of time organic takes 
  • Are open to change
  • Are customer focused 
  • Want to work together to build something amazing 
  • Want the benefit of the PEONY system for success

What makes me different?

The thing that makes what I do different to all the others is that I am not just another marketing person selling services. 


I’m also a professional copywriter, which you get the benefit of in your business alongside all the other marketing services I offer. 

Usually you’d have to pay double what you’ll pay with me to get a marketing specialist and a copywriter.

Here you’re getting it combined.

Plus, and just as importantly, my PEONY system for success is all yours to follow and use to help you grow, plan and take what I show you further so you can build your marketing either on your own or with support. 

The difference with me is not only these two important things but that I’ll work with you to make the marketing work your way, whether you’re as shy as Banksy or want to be on video every day.

Together, we’ll build a strategy and plan that works for you, your business and, more importantly, the people who want your offer. 

Ultimately, I’m here to impart my years of industry knowledge (I know I’m showing my age) and writing experience to you and your business.

Because, like I said in the beginning, if you get this bit right you’ll be able to build and build…

Just think…


A clear direction


A plan of action for growth


A structured pathway tailored just for you


A unique system for success


Someone to help and guide you


Plus a new friend…

You could be sitting here in a few months time knowing exactly what you need to do next without all the fuss, stress and worry.

Instead, you have a comfortable plan that gives you the time back to focus on what you’re good at and keeps you happy knowing everything is working as it should. 

So let’s discuss your options

L1. Nurture

For those who want a clear audit of where they are now and a plan of action they can implement themselves

L2. Bloom

For those who want ongoing support set up for three seedlings alongside a clear plan.

L3. Growth

For those who want the full ongoing marketing support set up for all the seedlings, plus a clear plan.


Seedlings are your optional add-ons for L1 and L2 clients. Choose the seedling you need and create your own bespoke support package.

L1. Nurture

What’s it all about?

Nurture is for those who want the support to know what to do next but want to implement it themselves.

It’s an easy to follow step-by-step plan to follow to take your marketing to the next level 

Stop doing all the things and instead get yourself a streamlined one-off marketing audit and plan to show you exactly what you need to do next to be successful. 

After all it’s not about being busy it’s about working smarter and doing the activities that will work for you. 

Your easy to follow plan will save you time so you can focus on what you’re good at and allow you to comfortably follow the steps to build your organic branded marketing the right way for you.

What Suzi said:

I got myself in a mess with my marketing, I didn’t know what to do first and if I’m honest was a bit scared of it all.
Sara gave me a clear plan of how to move forward and it was such a relief!
Thank you so much!

What you get with Nurture

  • Current positioning research and identification,
  • Marketing audit report
  • Competitor research 
  • Industry research 
  • Research channels 
  • Plan development and creation 
  • Marketing plan report -with details of branding, positioning, industry, channels, focus, and direction.
What May said:

I got Sara to help with a one-off piece of work and I’m so glad I did. It was so much better than I anticipated, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use Sara again when I need assistance on a project in the future.

L2. Bloom

What’s it all about?

Get ongoing support setup for three months, plus everything in Nurture  and three seedlings of your choice. 

Bloom is a fantastic option to get support without having to hand over everything, this way you get to choose what you need, but you’ll still get a focus plan for growth for all the seedlings you don’t choose, so you can do them yourself. 

This way you get to hand over the most stressful, time consuming or urgent seedlings and keep the ones you can comfortably handle yourself.

This will free up time in the most important areas and give you the guarantee of a fantastic plan of action to implement and get moving with. 

What you get with Bloom

  • Everything in Nurture

Choice of:

  • Social media seedling
  • Email marketing seedling
  • SEO seedling
  • Blog seedling
  • Copywriting seedling
  • Content writing seedling

L3. Growth

What’s it all about?

 Get the full organic and brand marketing support and setup for three months for maximum delivery and impact. 

Perhaps you just want someone to come in and get it all setup and implemented for you? That’s no problem – with growth you’ll get the audit and plan plus all the seedlings I offer for the maximum growth potential available. 

With this option, I’ll be your new business sidekick for the next three months, or as long as you want me to stay, and I’ll get everything set up and start implementing it all for you, so you can concentrate on delivering great service to your own customers and clients.

What Fay said:

Sara is great! She helped with with my business marketing. I had too much on and had no time to myself and stuff wasn’t getting done. With Sara’s help I now have time back to spend with my family.

What you get with Growth

  • Everything in Nurture
  • Social media seedling
  • Email marketing seedling
  • SEO seedling
  • Blog seedling
  • Copywriting seedling
  • Content writing seedling
Your options for


Seedlings come with different requirements, but all are tailored to your own business needs. 

Social media seedling 

Social media is based on one post on each of the relevant platforms daily and two reels/stories each week. However, if you’d like more things like carousels and stories/reels, you can adjust the amount of daily posts to reflect this change for the same investment 

With the social media seedling you get:

  • Social media audit,
  • social media content plan,
  • social media content implementation,
  • hashtag research and best practice use,
  • social media analytics,
  • social media review and adjust. 

Investment – £500 £297

Email Marketing Seedling 

Email is based on weekly emails sent to subscriber lists. However, if you’d like more emails sent than this, you can choose to add these on at an additional cost. 

With the email marketing seedling you get:

  • Email marketing audit,
  • email marketing plan,
  • email marketing analytics,
  • email content plan,
  • email content implementation,
  • email review and adjust. 

Investment – £450 £247

SEO Seedling 

SEO is based on looking at onsite SEO best practices and working on offsite SEO tactics to improve organic listing in search engines. 

With the SEO seedling you get:

  • SEO audit report,
  • SEO research,
  • SEO onsite keyword implementation,
  • SEO offsite identification,
  • SEO offsite implementation,
  • SEO review and adjust.

Investment – £250 £147

Blog Seedling 

Blog is based on one long form post each week or two short form posts weekly to form a topic content structure. 

If this is combined with SEO, SEO research will be used to identify content topics, and if it is combined with Content writing it will also work alongside cornerstone/pillar content pages for maximum site benefit. 

With the blog seedling you get:

  • Blog audit,
  • Blog content themes,
  • Blog content plan,
  • Blog content research,
  • Blog content implementation,
  • Blog content review and adjust

Investment – £500 £297

Copywriting Seedling 

Copywriting is based on creating offer landing pages, competition pages, sales pages, product pages, email signup pages and other pages designed to sell and build offers. It is based on constant adjusting and testing to improve and grow. 

The investment is based on one long-form sales page each month but this can be adjusted to a few shorter ones or things like product descriptions instead. 

With the copywriting seedling you get:

  • Copywriting audit,
  • copywriting plan,
  • copywriting implementation,
  • copywriting testing,
  • adjusting, improving

Investment – £500 £297

Content Writing Seedling 

Content writing is designed to give maximum benefit to your customers and clients with clear strategic information and allows the SEO seedling to work more effectively. It will focus on building pillar content for maximum effect.

With the content writing seedling you get:

  • Content audit,
  • content plan,
  • implement site-wide content review and rewrite,
  • identify theme topic for content pillars,
  • create content pillars,
  • review and improve

Investment – £500 £297

Handy Dandy What you Get Table…

Below is a breakdown of everything you get with my service.

Discovery callFreeFreeFree
Follow up meetingFreeFreeFree
Ongoing meetings
Email support
Phone support
Onsite visits
Learning support
Ongoing support
Marketing system set-up
Website back-end managementDepends on
chosen seedling
PEONY principles
PEONY implementation
Professional copywriting
Professional content writing
Current positioning research and identification
Marketing Audit report
Competitor research
Industry research
Research channels
Plan development and creation
Marketing plan report
Social media audit
Social media content plan
Social media content implementation
Hashtag research
Social media analytics
Social media review and adjust
Depends on
chosen seedling
Email marketing audit
Email marketing plan
Email marketing analytics
Email content plan
Email content implementation
Email review and adjust
Depends on
chosen seedling
SEO audit report
SEO research
SEO onsite keyword implementation
SEO offsite identification
SEO offsite implementation
SEO review and adjust
Depends on
chosen seedling
Blog audit
Blog content themes
Blog content plan
Blog content research
Blog content implementation
Blog content review and adjust
Depends on
chosen seedling
Copywriting audit
Copywriting plan
Copywriting implementation
Copywriting testing, adjusting and improving
Depends on
chosen seedling
Content audit
Content Plan
Implement site-wide content rewrite
Identify theme topic for content pillars
Create content Pillars
Review and improve
Depends on
chosen seedling
OMG you’ve done it again! I absolutely love the work you’ve done…

What’s the investment? 

You’ve got three packages to choose from and don’t forget you’re getting my unique PEONY system and a professional content and copywriter alongside all my years of experience building marketing structures for businesses of all sizes. 

£294 one off

One off pay and walk away option

Based on a one-off hand over of a full marketing audit report and marketing plan.

You get to take it away and implement yourself.

£891* per month

*Based on the cheapest three seedlings, your final cost will depend on your seedling choices. In this package your marketing audit, plan and ongoing support package are included at a discounted rate.

Projects are a standard three months, however you can choose longer if you wish.

£1582 per month

Growth is your full service option and offers a full marketing service. In this package your marketing audit, plan and ongoing support package are included FREE.

Projects are a standard three months but can be extended if you wish

Your Questions Answered

Yes absolutely. Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of different businesses of all sizes so can give you examples of everything from content, copy, plans, socials, articles, etc. Just let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll send some samples to you.

I’ve worked with many different industries over the years from training companies, product based companies, business coaches, web design companies, architects, VAs, attraction businesses and many more.

This depends on which metrics are the most important to your business and this can be different for each business. However, typically I’ll use metrics such as Google Analytics, social media analytics, email analytics data, etc to gather data on campaigns and inform what works, what doesn’t and which we should double down on.

I love learning, it’s one of my biggest loves and I am always learning and growing in one way or another, so am always keeping up with new technology developments and trends in the industry. I typically do this through training programmes, subscriptions and keeping up with articles and information from trusted sources.

This depends on your industry, the demand for your services, your competition and a number of other factors, but organic marketing is not an instant results programme.

It is a long-term investment that will give you way more benefit and ROI in the long-term, but it won’t give you instant results – for this you need sales and advertising, but I am a great believer in not switching on your advertising until you have your organic branded foundation in place.

I have a standard three months project length.

This is because it’s the minimum you need to get all your organic marketing structure setup and to begin implementing. Once this three months is over, unless you’d like ongoing support, you are free to continue alone with the structure we’ve set up and then switch on advertising.

I believe in transparency so, the investment fees listed above are what you pay, there’s no additional costs for all the services I list.

Clients will need to be open to suggestions and willing to approach things with an open mind.

You will need to understand that often what your customers are looking for and will respond to is very different to what you ‘think’ your company should do, so need to be willing to try new things and experiment with ideas you may not have considered.

How open and free you are will directly impact the success of the whole project. If you just want someone to implement everything you want to say – I’m not the marketer for you.

Conversations with my clients…