How to fix your marketing cheaply

The one way to get more time in your business and get your marketing working on overdrive

I know exactly what it’s like as a business owner, you’re pulled in five different directions and you don’t get time to make a cuppa never mind get your marketing working properly.

I’ve been there myself and I’m about to show you exactly how to fix it so not only will your marketing work seamlessly but you’ll get more time for the important stuff…

You see, the thing is…

For me it all started when I first began building my business. I quickly realised I had way more things to do than I’d anticipated and found myself drowning in admin, accounts, sales, marketing, customer fulfillment… the list goes on and on.

And, with just me to do everything there wasn’t enough time to get through it all, unless I worked every hour I wasn’t sleeping. I found myself thinking – “hang on, I went into business to have more time and freedom, not less!”

The dream of flexibility and being the master of my own destiny quickly evaporated under endless bouts of scheduling, content writing, image sourcing and data reporting.

And the worst part was, I was a professional marketing person. I’d worked in companies and been head of their marketing departments, so being busy and having demands on my time wasn’t something new, but combining this with all the other things we have to do as business owners really did just take me to the point of wondering which way was up.

I was drowning

I remember crying to a friend that it was impossible and asking him how anyone does this without ending up going mad?

He told me I needed to get someone in to help me and he’d heard of this thing called a VA.

I was intrigued…

So, I set about searching the internet to find out what this amazing thing was and to my absolute delight I discovered that a VA is a kind of staff member, there to help you get admin done and keep you on track.

I knew right away this was the thing I needed. I needed someone to take the admin stuff off my hands so I could focus on building my business.

A Marketing VA is Born

So, I took this idea and ran with it, because ultimately I wanted to make sure that no business has to feel the way I did – trying to do it all and failing.

No dream of owning and running a business should be lost because of overwork, overwhelm, fear and cost.

So I set about building an affordable marketing assistant service for business owners who need to focus on the important aspects of their business and get the support they need at a great price so they can build and grow consistently.
Because, knowing your marketing is taken care of means you can focus on being the best at what you do.

“You just have to put in the work for a significant amount of time”

Gary Vaynerchuk

Hi, I’m Sara…

I’m your marketing Specialist VA, there to solve all those consistency and time isuses so your marketing flies. 

I’ve been in marketing for more than 13 years and started life as a copywriter, moving up to head of marketing before starting my own business. 

I’ve got both a BA and MA first class honours, and have worked in many industries and businesses both small and large corporates.

I’ also a retired army wife, mother of four and author of two fiction books.

See what people have to say about working with me…

Introducing Affordable Marketing VA Support for all Budgets and Needs

Following my own struggles and realising there was a need for marketing support to just get through the sheer volume of tasks, I’m offering a fantastic opportunity to get access to all my knowledge and experience at the fraction of a cost of a big agency and with the chance to get a new sidekick to help you implement all your plans and ideas…

What you’re about to get…

The thing with marketing is that it needs to be done consistently every day no matter what happens in your business or personal life.

And that’s what I’ll do for you.

  • Give you time back to focus on other aspects of your business that may have been neglected – like client satisfaction, product development or even just more time to spend on the fun stuff in life.
  • An experienced professional marketer who can probably get stuff done quicker and give you better insights into your current position, so you get to make better decisions on where your marketing is going and make it work better.
  • Consistent marketing presence no matter what happens in your business or personal life, so you can deal with any urgent things without worrying that your marketing is dropping off.
  • Someone to discuss your ideas and plans with and implement them so you get to say goodbye to frustrations and finally make all those excting things a reality.
  • The comfort that you don’t have to sacrifice any part of your business to get the marketing done as everything is taken care of by an experienced professional.

Things you might be thinking right now…

“I wish I could afford to outsource my marketing…” 

Being able to afford to outsource marketing can be a huge problem, in fact being able to afford to outsource any kind of business service can be a big issue and one that takes a lot of overcoming fear to achieve – I’ve been there myself.

But, this is exactly why I created this marketing VA service – to be affordable to every budget.

“I am scared to put myself out there in the world…” 

This can be a big problem for the introverts among us, particularly if you’re in a business that is best placed for a personal brand growth plan. 

I’m a huge introvert myself and hate being around too many people for too long – it’s exhausting.

 But when it comes to marketing it can serve you best if you separate yourself as a person from yourself as the business and this is just one of the ways I can support you.

“I’ve hit a plateau and don’t know how to scale further…” 

In situations like this it’s often a case of going back to the plans you have and looking at what’s working, then doubling down on that. 

Data is your friend here and is the way you’ll determine what direction to go in. I can help you make sense of it all and see where to go next. 

“I am scared of getting it wrong…” 

One of the best things about marketing is that you’ll probably get it wrong. 

Because, marketing is an experiment and those who are succeeding are the ones who’ve experimented until they found the way that works for them. I’ll help you find your path to success.

“I’m worried that I’ll waste my money…”

This is a genuine concern for many and I can understand why…

When you’ve finally got the courage to outsource you don’t want to waste it on the wrong thing or the wrong person. 

I get it…

But, marketing is all about finding the people who love your stuff and I’ll help you work out where they are and how to talk to them.

So, who are marketing assistant services for?

I work with people who…

  • Want professional marketing help
  • Want someone to take charge of all the time consuming stuff 
  • Still want control over strategy
  • Don’t have time to do it justice on their own
  • Are struggling and fed-up of failing
  • Are clear about the length of time organic takes
  • Are customer focused 
  • Want to work together to build something amazing 

Just think…


Time back to focus on the fun stuff in life


No more worrying about not having time


No more inconsistency and on-off marketing


A unique support for success


Someone to help and guide you


Plus a new friend

You could be sitting here in a few months time knowing exactly what you need to do next without all the fuss, stress and worry.

Instead, you have a comfortable plan that gives you the time back to focus on what you’re good at and keeps you happy knowing everything is working as it should. 

What’s the investment? 

I’ve made things as easy as possible for you with three hourly options to choose from. All marketing assistant services are based on a cost per hour of £35 and the minimum package is for five hours each month.
If, however, none of the packages listed are suitable, drop me a message and we’ll work out something bespoke.

Just drop your details below and I’ll be in touch to book a free chat to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Five Star bud
£175 five hours per month retainer

Get my dedicated time in your business to work on whatever you need doing each month for a set number of hours – so you always know what you’re paying and what you’re getting.

10 Part blooms
£350 10 hours per month retainer

10 hours each month of my dedicated time to work on any of your marketing that needs doing, so you can get on with the important things in life.

15 point garden
£525 15 hours per month retainer

15 hours of my dedicated time to work on your marketing tasks, so you can get busy doing all those things you’ve never had time for before.

Your Questions Answered

Yes absolutely. Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of different businesses of all sizes so can give you examples of everything from content, copy, plans, socials, articles, etc. Just let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll send some samples to you.

I’ve worked with many different industries over the years from training companies, product based companies, business coaches, web design companies, architects, VAs, attraction businesses and many more.

This depends on which metrics are the most important to your business and this can be different for each business. However, typically I’ll use metrics such as Google Analytics, social media analytics, email analytics data, etc to gather data on campaigns and inform what works, what doesn’t and which we should double down on.

I love learning, it’s one of my biggest loves and I am always learning and growing in one way or another, so am always keeping up with new technology developments and trends in the industry. I typically do this through training programmes, subscriptions and keeping up with articles and information from trusted sources.

I believe in transparency so, the investment fees listed above are what you pay, there’s no additional costs for all the services I list.