Business Owners –

Sound familiar? 

You’re not alone…


when you’ve spent all this effort trying to make it work, why does it go so wrong? Why won’t marketing work for you?

I’ll tell you the reason – 

  • It’s not because you’re unmotivated or incapable of doing it
  • It’s not because you haven’t found that one tactic that leads to a goldmine 
  • It’s not even because no one wants your offer

No, it’s none of these things. 

None of them are the reason your marketing isn’t working. 

The Thing was…

What I discovered…

…most over all my years as a marketer in bricks and mortar businesses of all sizes, was that it all starts with this one simple thing – even big giant businesses start with this one thing for:

  • new campaigns
  • new business launches
  • beginning a regular strategy
  • keeping on top of where they’re at

You see, this thing is so powerful, it’s the basis of marketing strategies all over the business world. 

Okay, enough of that, let’s get down to what this thing actually is…

I’m excited to welcome you… 

…to the first step on your journey to marketing that works – with a fantastic, comprehensive, tailored and highly individual Marketing Audit you can use over and over to build a strategy that really works and isn’t just another one of those generic blueprints that promise everything and deliver nothing.

Some people tell me that they’ve tried every marketing tactic out there  – when video first became the latest thing they were all over it, when it was all about that brand new social channel they were all on that, when the influencer thing started, they tried that too, and on and on it goes…

But none of them worked and you know why? 

Because instead of building a strategy first then tactics that are right for a business, they jumped on the latest shiny new thing hoping that this will be the one magic button that will propel them. 

But, the thing is, none of these work because they’re like fancy windows when you haven’t got a house for the windows to go in. You need the foundations so you can build the house – then put in the fancy windows once the house is constructed. 

Otherwise it just doesn’t work. 

And that’s what this marketing audit is – the foundation stone so you can begin building that house. 

I know what you’re thinking, you’re wondering if I’m legit or just one of those people selling you the world for a quick buck.

That’s absolutely not the case – because if Apple or Microsoft rang me tomorrow and asked for my best tip to improve their marketing I’d ask them when they last did a marketing audit? 

It doesn’t matter how big you are, you will always need to audit where you are currently so you can see where you’re going – and honestly I’m on a mission to make this information available to everyone. 

If you’re worried about going through this and still failing, you don’t need to because with a full strategic audit that shows you exactly what you’re missing, you won’t be wasting any more time on tactics that aren’t right for your business. So, the next time the gurus say it’s the latest big thing – you’ll be able to assess whether it’s worth your time – because let’s face it, none of us wants to do marketing that’s a complete waste – so let’s get strategic and get it done right. 

If you’re feeling like you need to multiply yourself so you can get everything done, it can be overwhelming to think:

“here’s another thing I need to do”

But, actually what this is doing is giving you time back, because you won’t be wasting time on tactics that won’t work for you, instead you’ll be following a more organised streamlined pathway.

This is the one thing you can do to make your marketing work the way you want it to – build the foundations first.

And, honestly, I believe for the price you’ll pay for an audit you’ll get that time returned tenfold more than you would buying one of those ridiculously expensive guru programmes that only shows you one way to build something, which may not be right for you. With this you’re getting something that is absolutely tailored to you for an amazing price.

If you need marketing to work – and let’s face it we all do, you need to stop messing around playing at it and get it done the way the big guns do. They do things strategically and everything comes from a place of strategy, nothing is wasted and it works the same whether you’re huge or tiny. 

Strategy first! 

So, sometimes it’s about asking yourself whether you want to continue flailing about in the dark or you want to get serious.

Can you/your business afford not to. 

Honestly, I know you went into business to do the thing you love – the thing you’re good at but as a business owner we all have to wear so many different hats and these range from accountant to admin and sales – marketing is just one of these.

But, you can make marketing fun, you just have to do it from that place of strategy first – with an audit. Otherwise, what is the plan, where are you going and how are you going to grow, sometimes we have to plan in the fun parts alongside the dull parts, but marketing is so creative it can be really exciting and interesting. 

To feel in control of your marketing you need to examine the data of what’s going on, and you can’t measure your success or failure if you don’t have a baseline with which to go from – your audit is your baseline, and any further audits you do on your marketing will also give you strategic data on what is and isn’t working and why. 

 Then you can take this data and use it to adjust and make things work better. 

So, I’d argue that doing a marketing audit actually gives you the tools to have more control not less. 


What you Get…

I am here to give you, and people like you, the tools you need to succeed by compiling my more than a decade’s experience into easy and simple ways for you to build and grow your business.

And, guess what? It all starts with an audit.


Because, it not only tells you exactly what state your marketing is in, it also gives you a clear indication of where you need to go next, and is always the best baseline to follow when you measure how much you’ve grown.

So, if you feel like it’s time to start building the kind of marketing your business is crying out for and you’re ready to stop procrastinating and looking for that easy blueprint to success, and instead ready to download all my knowledge and start crafting your unique marketing blueprint, this is the first step to make that happen.

Your marketing audit is a tailor-made and unique to you blueprint to your own success. You won’t find any generic, and standardised templates here – only good, clear, bespoke information and action steps so you can move forward.

Transformation for Just £97

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get…

  • The essential tools you need to start marketing the right way for you
  • How to overcome the shiny object syndrome with your marketing and start strategising like a pro
  • Exactly how top marketing professionals start building a strategy in any business
  • A formula you can utilise again and again
  • How to stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling in control
  • A fully comprehensive system that will take you from zero to strategist
  • A fantastic marketing audit playbook to use as your bible for future strategies
  • A whole host of tips on things to implement
  • A recommended list of things to do now
  • An indepth view of what is and isn’t working currently
  • A clear overview of what you’re leaving on the table and what you can do about it
  • Actionable steps for those who want to implement not just read about them
  • An understanding of the top things affecting your performance

Your Bonuses

Discovery Questionnaire valued at £150

  • 💡My exact discovery questionnaire, designed to get all the information you need to build an audit profile.
  • ✍🏻 So you can take yourself through this process again annually or as often as you like, without it costing you a penny more

Two full meeting hours with me valued at £150

  • 💡 A minimum of two full meeting hours with me.
  • ✍🏻 So you can get as much information from my brain to yours as possible 

10% discount on any other service valued at up to £270

  • 💡 10% discount on any other service you choose
  • ✍🏻 So you can get even more help at an even cheaper price.

Buy now redeem later valued at Priceless!

  • 💡 The chance to buy now redeem later.
  • ✍🏻 So you can take advantage of the discount but not have to get it straight away if you’re too busy to fit it in right now.

Let’s get down to business

Here’s how it works

step one

Discovery Call

We’ll hop on a meeting where you tell me all about your business and marketing goals.

Step two


I’ll get busy looking at all your marketing and business to see where you’re at.

Step three

Your Playbook

I’ll deliver a detailed audit playbook on how you can move forward successfully, so all you have to do is get implementing.

Get clear on what things will actually work for you

💡Take an overview of where your business really stands 

💡Get a detailed audit playbook of where you need to go next

💡The confidence that everything you’re doing is the right thing for you

Limited Time Offer


You will get the most out of this offer if you’re a small business owner and it will also benefit in these ways:

  • it will give you a clear way to move forward
  • it will allow you to stop wasting time on tactics that don’t work
  • it will give you a way to be confident that what you’re doing is right for you

Yes. I am offering with this the opportunity the chance to pay now to secure your place but redeem later in the year.

Of course. You can email me at or book a call right here.