Does your copy have these 8 key elements for success?

So, you’ve written a fantastic attention grabbing headline and the next stage is to write the copy to go with it. 

I’m talking about sales copy here, the words that sell your products, the ads that get attention and those landing pages. 

This is important as there’s a big different between content and copy. 

Good content structure can be more fluid in nature and doesn’t need to be as rigid, but copy is an entirely different thing. Copy needs to do certain things and include certain elements to be effective. 

But, how do we write it in practice? 

So whatever copy you’re writing the flow of the piece will have an affect on how well it works for you. Here’s our top tips to improve your copywriting:


Make sure your focus in entirely on your reader and make an important promise early in the copy that will tel them exactly what they’ll get by reading on. Don’t let their attention dwindle or allow them to wonder why they’re bothering to read at all. This is the path to them clicking away to something else – possibly your competitors. 

2. Narrative

Every single part of your copy narrative (yes it really is a narrative like a story) needs to have a main idea and a main reason for being there, and this needs to be something interesting and compelling. This should also support your bigger point and the promise you made in the beginning. This is the time to follow that focus – rambling and waffle are not allowed. 

3. Specific

Be clear, specific and open, always giving your reasons why and avoiding generalisations unsupported by facts and evidence, as this can make your reader wary. They’ll think you’re trying to scam them if you do this.

4. Credibility 

Show your readers you know what you’re on about by giving them statistical evidence, expert references and testimonials. Being authoritative is key and if you’re not already an expert, you need to really do your research before writing your copy. 

5. Restate

Now you’ve done all this it’s time to repeat that hook that got them engaged in the first place, remind them what’s still in it for them if they keep reading.

6. Offer

This is where you make the offer to them. Be sure of yourself at this point and boldly present your offer. This isn’t a time to be modest and shy, present it explicitly so it can be accepted.

7. Alleviate

Help alleviate their fears by standing behind what you say and giving answers to their common pain points. 

8. Sum-up

Bring everything full circle back to the original promise and show how you’ve fulfilled it for them. 

By following these important aspects of good copy, you’ll be able to write better and get the results you want. 

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